How To… Run With The Ball – The Coaching Points

Is there any more exciting sight than a footballer bursting through a defence?

In any game the prime objective is to get the ball into a position from which our team can score a goal. Running with the ball is the most – literally – straightforward way to achieve this.

It is, therefore, a great skill to teach our players at the very start of their football education; it will enable them to find space and time in games, often a key factor in growing their confidence, and is one of the foundations upon which many more complex concepts can be built.

This post is a summary of the key points you should be looking for when coaching “Running With The Ball”. For more detail about ‘why’ the technical points are encouraged, or for ideas of ‘how’ to develop your players’ understanding you can read the post linked to each key point. (Or click here for the first key point – ‘Keep The Ball In Playing Distance’)

Running With The Ball

Running With The Football Soccer Technique

Technical Points

  • Take an aggressive first touch into the space.
  • Push the ball forwards with your front foot on the side furthest from the defender.
  • Point your kicking foot down as it approaches the ball.
  • Push the ball forwards with your little toe and in stride.
  • Take many soft touches to keep the ball close.
  • Keep your head up and use your eyes to look ahead.

Key Points

Click on any of the links for more detailed information:

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