Free Small-Sided Games Book For Youth Soccer Coaches

Small-Sided Games Attack - Free Soccer Coaching Ebook

I’ve just released an updated version of “Small Sided Games: Attack!”; a 40 page book including 8 brand-new Small Sided Games templates plus modifications and progressions for each.

Every topic also includes the key coaching points for techniques and tactics that you can coach through the game – meaning if needed you can take the book straight to practice, no further planning necessary.

The book was designed to touch on every aspect of attacking football and help your team to learn a fast-paced attacking style of play in an amazingly fun and creative environment.

The topics and games covered include;

  • Running With The Ball at Speed (SSG: Chase Alley)
  • Beating Opponents with Disguise and Feint Moves (SSG: The Great Escape)
  • Pinpoint Passing and Instant Control (SSG: Interceptors)
  • Switching Play with Accurate Long Passing (SSG: Switch-It)
  • Creating Space and Overloading (SSG: Risky Business)
  • Fast-Break Attacking; Deadly Counters (SSG: Non-Stop)
  • Scoring Goals – the Art of Finishing (SSG: Hungry Hungry Hippos)
  • Starting Attacks: Pressing (SSG: A Game of Two Halves)

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