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Get Into Coaching: The FA Youth Award

Get Into Coaching: The FA Youth Award

These videos have been produced to promote The FA’s new age-appropriate coaching qualification the Youth Award.

I’ve taken the course myself and, despite being sceptical of FA courses in the past, was blown away by the excellent advice given.

This is a course that’s equally valuable for parents, first-time coaches and academy directors (my course had candidates from five Premier League clubs and ten grassroots clubs). So even if you’ve been put off by the FA Level 1 or Level 2 in the past, or think that your UEFA licence has covered everything, I’d highly recommend giving the Youth Award a go.

You can take an (optional) introductory evening session to learn a little bit more about the aims of the qualification and then the Youth Award is delivered in three modules; developing the environment, developing practice and developing players.

The first module is an enjoyable four-days and at the end you’ll have the opportunity to deliver a fun session for your fellow coaches, however there is no high-pressure assessment and the coursework volume is minimal compared to the FA Level 1 and Level 2 certificates. The vast majority of the course is spent outside with a ball at your feet – or nearby – and having a laugh with the rest of the coaches on the course.

This is the secret of the Youth Award: it’s not only players who learn more quickly when they are participating in and enjoying an activity.

For more information and to find your nearest course visit

You can also read my interview with FA coach educator Peter Glynn, in which we talk about the Youth Award and how it differs from previous coaching qualifications.

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