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Alpha Release

This Feature is very much an alpha release.

We anticipate regular updates to the code in the coming weeks but at this point we cannot guarantee that the Soccer Session Planner will always work consistently or behave in a stable manner. We reserve the right to update, modify or remove features, layout elements, objects and settings at any time and without warning.

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or if you need assistance with the Soccer Session Planner please visit our Forums or contact Support.

Priority Updates

Thanks to our testers for their feedback. Based on their comments we’ve prioritised these three features and will get them out to you as soon as we can:

  1. 1) Easy Export: add a button which saves the final image to your computer and/or copies it to the clipboard.
  2. 2) Perspective Pitches: add more pitch options including perspective pitches (and appropriate sized equipment) .
  3. 3) Arrows and Lines: add the ability to draw action lines for passing, dribbling and running.

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Session Planner Tutorial

The Better Football Session Planner is simple-to-use and lets you create your own stunning practices, session plans, visual training aids or match day tactics diagrams in minutes using drag-and-drop.

This guide will walk you through the quick and easy stages required to build a great looking example practice in under 5 minutes using the Better Football Session Planner.

Soccer Coaching Session Planner Introduction

Session Planner Layout


Take a few seconds to familiarise yourself with the layout. Everything is straightforward; the ‘stage’ is in the centre and you can select your equipment from the top-left, players from the top-right and pitch from the bottom-left.

Select Pitch

Choose your pitch layout by clicking a thumbnail

First move your cursor to the Pitch Layout section in the bottom-left corner.

If you click one of the thumbnails the pitch on the main stage will update.

Choose the pitch you want to use for your practice diagram (in this example we’ve chosen the half soccer pitch).

Place Equipment

Click and Drag Equipment from the top corner to the pitch

Next we’re going to add our equipment.

Click and drag your equipment from the top corner onto the stage.

Drag the rest of your equipment on to the stage

Release when you have positioned the equipment (in this example a full-size goal) in the right place.

You can reposition equipment on the stage by clicking and dragging it.

Repeat with the rest of the equipment, including cones, markers and pod goals.

Rotate and Remove Equipment

You can also rotate goals so that they face the right direction.

After placing the goal on the pitch, hover your cursor over the goal and two small arrows will appear.

Click the arrows to rotate the goal one position. Keep clicking until the goal is in the right orientation.

To remove an item from the pitch simply drag it off the stage and release anywhere on the grey background.

Add Players

Drag your Players from the right hand side to the pitch

Next we’ll add our players.

Again it’s as easy as drag-and-drop from the right-hand side to the pitch.

Initially just place the right number of players from each team.

We can adjust the body shape/action of each player once they are placed on the stage.

To change the action (or a player in to a goalkeeper) just hover over the player until two small arrows appear.

Click the arrows to scroll through the available actions and rotate the player.

Add each of your teams to create a realistic picture of the practice

Add all of the players involved to create a realistic visualisation of your practice.

If you’re following our example along then you can finish off the practice by adding the ball.

You’re all done!

Lastly, add the ball to complete the example practice

Export Image

To export the image (for saving to your computer, adding to a word document, emailing to your team, uploading to the Better Football Forum, posting to your blog etc) just follow the operating system-specific instructions below. [Editor's Note : The next release will make this stage even simpler.]


Apple Mac OS: Press Shift-Cmd-3 to take a screenshot or Shift-Cmd-4 then drag a box around the stage.

For the former you will have to crop the image in Preview, for the latter method anything inside the box when you release will be exported.

The image will be saved to your desktop by default.


Windows XP/Vista/7: Press ‘Print Screen’ to copy a screenshot to the clipboard.

Open Paint/Picture Preview/Program of your choice.

Hit CTRL-V or choose ‘Edit>Paste’ from the menu bar at the top of the program.

Crop the image and then choose ‘File>Save’ and select your preferred location.



The Session Planner is one of the many benefits available exclusively to Better Football Pro Members

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