Kickster Academy 12×6 Goals Product Review

As training moves back outdoors and on to grass, a problem faced by many coaches is finding or having to put up goals before their training sessions. We’ve all struggled to assemble plastic Samba goals only to discover a piece is missing!

Quickplay Sport have developed a different type of portable goal which I have been using for a full season and am now happy to wholeheartedly recommend. See the video above for a demonstration of the goals and then read on for my review.

The Kickster goals are made out of steel and fibreglass so they are both sturdy and lightweight (it’s easy for an U11 player to carry the bag over their shoulder).

The frame of the goal – the posts and crossbar – are made of high-strength vinyl and a clever tension system keeps the goals upright. The goals do look a bit flimsy when you first set them up, but after using them for over 40 training sessions with adult players and over 100 sessions with junior players, I haven’t had a single breakage. The bottom of the posts occasionally unclip from the frame if they take a direct hit, but it takes 2 seconds to reattach and doesn’t seem to affect the stance of the goals.

The huge advantage these goals have over similar products is that they genuinely only take a couple of minutes to put up and take down. All the posts are joined by elastic (like a tent) so they can’t be put in the wrong order and don’t go missing between sessions, the net itself is attached with velcro so you don’t have hundreds of clips to keep track of either.

Because the goals are also extremely light they can safely be carried by kids and is isn’t a hassle to move them around within a session. These means that you can have proper goals in a lot more of your practices, making your sessions more realistic and more enjoyable for your players.

Kickster Academy 12ft x 6ft is the official size for junior football and has an average customer review of 4.8 out of 5 across Amazon and Quickplay’s own website. 16ft x 7ft are now also available (the official size for 9v9 football) along with futsal and smaller training sizes.

Overall, I’d highly recommend trying a goal or two for yourself, it will dramatically increase the time and options available to you in training sessions and – if my experience is anything to go by – your players will love them.


• Small pack size and lightweight- ½ the size and weight of other portable goals on the market.

• Simple and quick to assemble in only 2 minutes.

• All poles are pre-attached with elastic cord. Making it easy for anyone to assemble and reduces lost parts.

• Robust and flexible design, with the ability to deform and instantly return to shape.

• Durable, easy open carry bag with shoulder strap.

• Kickster Goals can be easily carried by children and are small enough to pack easily into a family car to go on holiday, to the park or anywhere.

• Designed and manufactured by Quick Play Sport and tested to British Standards.

• Packed Size: Only 20 x 12 x108 (cm).

Visit Quickplay Sport for more information about the Kickster Academy Goals range.

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  1. cant view the video?

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