2v1 Pass and Move Skill Practice

Session Focus

This passing drill and game challenges players to put passing techniques and clever movement in to practice against opposition pressure. The roles rotate quickly and there’s a strong incentive for defending players to win the ball back.

Primary Aims & Objectives

To develop accurate passing, movement, communication and awareness.


  • Set-up a large square area with small boxes in each corner.
  • Position four target players in the corners and split remaining players in to groups of two.
  • One group are defenders who try to win a ball from the other groups.
  • Remaining groups have a ball between two and must pass and move to avoid defenders.
  • Attackers can also use the target players to retain possession.

Make It Easier

You can give defenders balls to dribble around so that they act as blockers rather than defenders.

Make It Harder

Allow target players to move anywhere they want.

Make teams of three or four and play with one ball.


Change the target players every couple of minutes. Allow players to swap themselves if they want a rest.

The first team to move their ball through each of the target areas (without it being intercepted or played out of bounds) wins the round. This forces defenders to be spatially aware and make lots of decisions about risks. It also challenges attackers to move the ball efficiently and accurately.

Add small goals outside the area. Attackers can score after using each target player in the same possession. If defenders win a ball they can score immediately to escape and swap roles with the attackers they dispossessed.


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