Pavl Interview On Football Further

I recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Tom Williams from the superb Football Further. In it we discuss FA and UEFA coaching badges, youth development in England and across Europe and the role of grassroots coaches in football:

As one tries to move up the coaching pathway it can become more difficult to find courses because in the major cities Level 2s and 3s are frequently oversubscribed, meaning some coaches have been told their next available dates are six or seven months away.

We’re currently in a situation where there’s absolutely no consensus on the role of grassroots clubs, let alone agreement on what, when and how to coach. This vacuum often allows the bossiest parent to take charge and all too frequently they judge their success on their results and not on the development of their players.

The National Football Centre is worth more than the sum of its parts. It is a symbol of The FA’s commitment to football development and of its leadership in implementing a national football strategy. Of course this means that The FA’s continued stalling on the project is equally symbolic and, I think, reflects the confused sense of purpose and apparent half-hearted commitment to youth football from some in the organisation.

Head over to Football Further to read the full in-depth interview →

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